Triple Bottom Line Impact & Aligned Services



The triple bottom line was first fully explained by John Elkington in his 1997 book "Cannibals With Forks: The Triple Bottom Line of 21st Century Business". It's a bottom line that continues to measure profits, but also measures the organization's impact on people and on the planet. The triple bottom line is a way of expressing a company's impact and sustainability on both a local and a global scale.


The concept behind the triple bottom line is that companies are responsible first and foremost to all their stakeholders, and these include everyone that is involved with the company whether directly or indirectly, as well as the planet we're all living on. This approach sees shareholders as part of the stakeholder group, but only as part of it.



"Profit" is the economic value created by the organization after deducting the cost of all inputs, including the cost of the capital tied up. It therefore differs from traditional accounting definitions of profit. In the original concept, within a sustainability framework, the "profit" aspect needs to be seen as the real economic benefit enjoyed by the host society. It is the real economic impact the organization has on its economic environment. To assure our clients a better TBL orientation, our services under this head include:

  • Risk Assessment Services in accordance with GARP Protocols
  • Throughput Accounting
  • IFRS Training, Deployment & Integration Services



"Planet" (Natural Capital) refers to sustainable environmental practices. A TBL company endeavors to benefit the natural order as much as possible and minimise environmental impact, reducing ecological footprint by carefully managing its consumption of energy and non-renewables and reducing manufacturing waste as well as rendering waste less toxic before disposing of it in a safe and legal manner. To benefit our clients, we offer a services portfolio comprising:

  • ISO 14001 EMS System Design, Adoption, Deployment, and Audits
  • CII-IGBC System Design, Adoption, Deployment, and Audits
  • GRIHA System Design, Adoption, Deployment, and Audits
  • ISO 50001 EnMS System Design, Adoption, Deployment, and Audits



"People"(Human Capital) pertains to fair and beneficial business practices toward labour and the community and region in which a corporation conducts its business. A TBL company conceives a reciprocal social structure in which the well-being of corporate, labour and other stakeholder interests are interdependent. Our services to enhance this Bottom Line includes:

  • SA 8000 System Design, Adoption, Deployment, and Audits
  • AA 1000 System Design, Adoption, Deployment, and Audit
  • ISO 26000 System Design, Adoption, Deployment, and Audits
  • GRI System Design, Adoption, Deployment, and Audits