Social Coalition Building - A Developmental Approach

Political and economic changes over the past several decades have been met with a renewed emphasis from both activists and scholars on the importance of social movement coalitions. Internationally, activists are increasingly seeking collaborators across national borders in response to globalization and the rise of transnational corporations and governing bodies. These changed circumstances have created both threats and opportunities for international mobilization and coalition building (Smith 2004; Tarrow 2005).


In purview of the tremendous changes that the ecology, at all the Bottom Lines, have undergone, SDRC has adopted as its primary focus the adoption and creation of discourse communities as a key driver for bringing about social and transformational change. The goal is to effectively and optimally address and intervene upon the Triple Bottom Line towards the succesful emergence of the Fourth - e.g. Governance.


The SUSTAINABLE DESIGN RESEARCH CONSORTIUM, its Mentors, Promoters and chief stakeholders are involved in the mapping, assessment, organisation and creation of self organising learning environments in the form of Discourse Communities. The discourse foci areas include the following:


1) Heritage, Migratory Community & Urban Social -Developmental Historiography

2) Energy Transformation & Alternative Energy Sources

3) Gender and Environment

4) Climate Responsive Entrepreneurship Development

5) Sustainable Development Goals in Parallel Narratives

6) Environmental Discourse Mapping & Mitigation

7) Urban Environmental Policy