Social Value & CSR Services



SDRC brings the best expertise and experience to help companies create more impact through better CSR. We work with companies to ideate CSR projects, develop CSR strategies aligned to organisational vision and business strategies, measure impact of CSR activities, conduct customised NGO assessments, and recognise best practices in CSR.

Idea workshops for CSR projects

SDRC conducts cross-functional and multi-stakeholder workshops for companies to ideate CSR projects. Which developmental and geographical areas should companies get into? How does it align with priorities of business and sustainability? How does it leverage resources available with the company and its partners?

A typical idea workshop is three full days. SDRC prepares itself and participants before the actual workshop basis the history of company’s CSR portfolio and its CSR policy.


Developing a CSR vision and strategy

SDRC helps companies to develop CSR vision and strategy by aligning it with vision, mission and business strategy of the company. In the process identify resource availability and gaps, identify KPIs to measure and manage.


Needs assessments

SDRC undertakes needs assessments of project beneficiaries and concerned stakeholders. Assessments are done using primary and secondary research techniques such as household surveys, interviews, and focus group discussions. Both qualitative and quantitative inputs are captured and analysed that provide vital inputs to CSR project design.


Impact measurements

Impact measurement is important to understand the effectiveness of CSR projects. A well-designed impact study can also provide insights into stakeholder expectations and feedback on the projects conducted. Methodologies include control group comparisons, personal interviews, focus group discussions. Usually a combination of methodologies are deployed.


Measuring social value

SDRC also helps with valuing social capital that a company creates via its CSR activities. Primarily using the framework of Social Return on Investment or SROI, social capital valuation helps boards take informed decisions on social investments. SDRC deploys principles of SROI as defined by Social Value International.