Centre of Excellence for Governance Studies, Policy Advocacy & ADR

The Centre of Excellence for Governance Studies, Policy Advocacy and ADR (CEGSPA)is an independent, non-partisan research division of SDRC dedicated to improving policy-making and management, and to promoting inclusive development. CEGSPA’s research covers a number of areas, including law, regulation and policy, accountability and governance, urbanization, security, and cross-border trade. Our objectives are to develop substantive policy options on matters relevant to polity, economy and society; to provide advisory services to governments, public bodies and other institutions; and to disseminate information on policy issues through various channels. The governing board of CEGSPA consists of various public figures from the bureaucracy, academia, and industry including but not limited to former IAS and WBCS officers, standing committee members of GRI, UN and India's leading Chambers of Commerce.


CEGSPA’s focus on public policy is forward looking. It concentrates on issues whose trajectories are set to raise significant challenges in the coming years. Prominent among these are as follow: -


  1. Energy Friendly Urbanization, Built Environment and Infrastructure
  2. International Relation & Cross Border Trade
  3. Alternative Dispute Resolution (Commercial & Developmental)
  4. International Environmental Law
  5. Urban Environmental & Energy Laws
  6. Political Economy and Governance
  7. Public Policy & Governance


Our other division, functioning as a Stand-Alone function and sub-department, deals with end-to-end research, advocacy, advisory and education in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Costly, time-consuming business disputes can negatively impact any professional organization’s bottom line. More and more entities, both for-profit and not-for-profit are turning to alternative dispute resolution frameworks for handling their legal and governance issues. The main objective of CEGSPA is to promote amicable, quick and inexpensive settlement of all disputes by means of mediation, arbitration & conciliation, regardless of geography and location.


Our services, under the aegis of CEGSPA, includes the following:-


i.Institutional Arbitration - is intended to help parties and arbitrators to take maximum advantage of the flexible procedures available in arbitration for the resolution of disputes quickly and economically.


ii.Institutional Mediation - is a confidential, voluntary and private dispute resolution process which helps the parties to reach a negotiated settlement, which is legally binding and executable like an award.


iii.Institutional Negotiation - aims to aid and assist parties to settle their disputes with the best available options, without venturing into litigation or make efficient deals creating value addition to the transaction.


iv.Community Mediation - is intended to contribute to the happiness and harmony of the community. The mission is to bring justice to the doorsteps of the people.CEGSPA partners with the communities, giving them a strong foundation for empowerment, self-sufficiency and independence.


v.Conflict Management Program helps to develop in-house “Conflict Management Cell”, so that the service can be used for managing conflicts arising between the members or between customers or dealers of that organisation.