About Us



The SUSTAINABLE DESIGN RESEARCH CONSORTIUM is a Trust, a not-for-profit consortium of Engineers, Designers, Assessors and Management Consultants who are united by and dedicated to the application to the Principles of Social Development and the Triple Bottom Line. In form and function, this Practice Group stand unified, and while they represent diverse expertise, experience and foci areas, they conjoin and collaborate to offer holistic Developmental Interventions & Solutions to all needy of such- whether they belong to Public, Private, Corporate, Developmental, Governmental, Para-Statal or any other Industry or Sector.




On the knowledge front, the group has been attending and addressing corporate needs pertaining to the Triple Bottom Line and Governance, by diagnosing system issues and designing solutions to match them. The group also contributes to developing Business Excellence Frameworks, designing Learning Organisations, as well as imparting of skills upgradation in the developmental sector. An entity defying boundaries and geographies, the SUSTAINABLE DESIGN RESEARCH CONSORTIUM caters to cross-sectoral organisational and developmental needs with an institutional approach, across the globe.