Sustainable Design Research Consortium



The SUSTAINABLE DESIGN RESEARCH CONSORTIUM is a non-partisan, not-for-profitm nonn-government a consortium of Policy Specialists, CSR Assessors, Engineers, Architects, Assessors and Management Consultants who are united by and dedicated to the application to the Principles of Design. In form and function, this Practice Group stand unified, and while they represent diverse delivery level expertise, experience and foci area, they conjoin and collude to offer holistic Design Thinking Solutions to all needy of such- whether they belong to Public, Private, Corporate, Developmental, Governmental, Para-Statal or any other Industry or Sector.



The consortium is a partnership promoted by two charitable trusts, STAR FOUNDATION and the SUSTAINABLE DESIGN RESEARCH CONSORTIUM  operating in the areas of General Environmental Efficiency Optimisation, Quality of Life Research, Not-for-Profit Business Process Engineering & Business Excellence, helping organisations, people and social businesses capture value through business Process Re-engineering & Planning, Optimization, Risk Analytics & Management Sciences. SUSTAINABLE DESIGN CONSULTANTS can offer you one of best solutions packages to help you avoid and eliminate inefficiencies in processes and plans. In industry perspectives, we can help you in reducing defects, cycle time, delivery time, cost and investment, as well as improving employees’ and plant’s productivity and revenue. We offer design solutions which could include a collection of diagnostics, systemic deployments, implementations, training programs and skill up-gradation workshops developed by us and our Knowledge Partners, in UK, USA, Singapore and India, mapped and aligned to specific pain areas or business needs. The RESEARCH CONSORTIUM' knowledge partners include the STAR Foundation and SDRC's knowledge partners by default, as well as boasting association with the likes of ARK (Architecture & Research Kinetics), the leading Green Design & Architecture Firm functioning across UK, EU, Africa and India at present and The International Nemetics Foundation, the promoters of the Business Efficacy Framework named NEMETICS, which promotes Emergent University UK. All of these entities, ranging from highly acclaimed Architecture & Design Firms, to developmental and charitable entities, are dedicated to developing a design outlook and design approach as a solution scenario to all problems- whether occurring in nature or occurring in design.


On the knowledge front, the group has been attending and addressing corporate needs pertaining to Business Efficacy Optimisation by diagnosing system issues and designing solutions to match them. The group also contributes to developing Business Excellence Frameworks, designing Learning Organisations, as well as imparting of both technical and soft skills upgradation. An international entity with cross-continental presence, SUSTAINABLE DESIGN RESEARCH CONSORTIUM caters to cross-sectoral organisational needs with an institutional approach, across the globe.

Some interventions include:

  1. End-to-end Formation Support of GCCDI, a Chamber of Commerce promoted by a former Chief Justice and head of a leading Maharatna PSU, focussing on developmental initiatives.
  2. Regular pro-bono training of the entire frontline officer level of Kolkata Police on Lifestyle Management, Soft Skills and Strategic Communication
  3. SEED Community Support for CUTS International for their FES funded GROWGet Economy of Tomorrow project.
  4. Offering CSR support solutions to Bharat Chamber of Commerce
  5. Green Energy Cluster Building for Multiple Stakeholders
  6. Offering entire Corporate Responsibility portal formation and strategic advisory to Titagarh Wagons Ltd./Titagarh Group
  7. Offering strategic advisory to Bangur BFL for their NIRMAN Project
  8. Offering pro-bono strategic CSR solutions to children of high risk parents in Calcutta's red light areas with NEW LIGHT 
  9. Offering pro-bono strategic CSR solutions to children of high risk parents in Calcutta's red light areas with South Calcutta Hamari Muuskaan 
  10. Offering pro-bono strategic CSR advisory to Century Group CSR Committee stakeholders
  11. Offering entire Corporate Responsibility portal formation and strategic advisory to SKS Capital & Research Group